FEND One Foldable Biking Helmet

As urban commuting without a car (aka “micromobility”) continues to grow in popularity, more and more safety-conscious riders everywhere are on the lookout for the perfect helmet that combines durability with portability.

Enter the FEND One Foldable Biking Helmet, a sleek and convenient option with a collapsible design that doesn’t compromise on safety. Meeting CPSC and EN1078 safety standards, this helmet boasts an impact-resistant EPS foam core and a durable ABS shell, providing reliable protection in the event of a fall or collision.

One of the standout features of the FEND One however is its foldable design, allowing cyclists to easily collapse the helmet when not in use. This compact size makes it ideal for storage in backpacks or bags, ensuring that riders always have their helmet on hand when needed.

Whether you’re riding a bike/e-bike to work, using a manual or electric scooter around town, or keeping it simple and classic with a skateboard, you can ride with confidence knowing this portable and stylish helmet is there to withstand the rigors of your urban environment.

Get it for $119 on Amazon.