Fellow “Prismo” Espresso-Style Attachment for AeroPress

The folks at Fellow β€” makers of the Stagg EKG kettle β€” have an interesting product called Prismo that attaches to your AeroPress coffee maker (in place of the existing cap) and produces an espresso-like shot. No, it’s not actually espresso, but it’s pretty dang close and you don’t have to buy a whole separate machine.

It’s comprised of two main features: a pressure-actuated valve and a reusable fine-mesh stainless steel filter. The airtight valve doesn’t drip unless you put pressure on it, solving the “slow drip” problem inherent to the AeroPress. Two things to keep in mind:

  1. It does take more pressure to pull a shot from Prismo than you’d apply for a typical AeroPress brew, so expect a bit of an arm workout.
  2. Don’t use it on a thin/fragile glass vessel.
If you've brewed with an AeroPress before, you'll feel right at home using Prismo.

If you’ve brewed with an AeroPress before, you’ll feel right at home using Prismo.

The resulting shot is full-bodied and has a long-lasting “crema”, with a thickness and consistency comparable to traditional espresso. You can even do a bit of latte art with it. If you think tomorrow will call for some cold brew, it can do that too.

This guy did a nice little YouTube review:

The Prismo attachment is $25 on Amazon.