Featured Sponsor: Igloo Software

My thanks to Igloo Software for sponsoring the RSS feed this week.

Work isn’t a place — it’s what you do.

And you might work on a lot of devices — a Mac, an iPhone, an iPad — in a lot of places. You might work on the road or maybe from home (with your AeroPress and clickity keyboard). And that makes it hard to securely use a shared drive, coordinate with clients and collaborate with your team.

Igloo offers a complete digital workplace — you get full access to all your files, project discussions and plans for world domination. The information you need to work is available anywhere in the world, literally at your fingertips.

Igloo has a space for your team. Each team gets dedicated file sharing, Twitter-like microblogs, activity streams and a host of other collaboration tools in one cloud-based platform. Plans start at just $4/user/month.

Work better, not harder.

Enter to win an Aeropress and try Igloo free for 30 days.