Faber-Castell Jumbo Grip Graphite Pencils

Faber-Castell’s Jumbo Grip Graphite Pencils is billed as Germany’s best-selling pencil for learning to write. It’s intended for elementary-aged kids who are still developing those kinds of motor skills, but I’d say they’re just as nice for adults who prefer a comfier writing grip.

Rather than being cylindrical, these pencils’ chunky barrels have more of a rounded triangle shape. On top of that, they have these little raised dots along the lengths of the barrels to keep your fingers from slipping. These pencils won’t roll off your desk, and they go through an “SV bonding” process — meaning the lead core is firmly glued along the entire length of the barrel wood — to make the lead extremely resistant to breakage.

One nice touch is the little reserved space near the top of the barrel where you can write your name in case there’s any mixup later 😉

Grab a pack of 12 Jumbo Grip pencils for $22 on Amazon.