Excelity 9″ Silicone Bottle & Jar Scraper

For those of us who try to live frugally where possible, it always hurts a little inside to reach the bottom of a condiment bottle, a jar of homemade sauce, or a container of sourdough starter, only to throw out that last bit of good stuff that seems so impossible to get out.\

If that sounds familiar, say hello to your new favorite niche kitchen utensil: the silicone bottle scraper spatula.

Unlike most spatulas you’ve owned, the flexible silicone head of this scraper is mounted perpenicular to the handle, allowing you to sort of ‘squeegee’ the viscous contents out of glass bottles, squeeze bottles, jars of all kinds, mixing bowls, Instant Pot…er, pots, toiletry/makeup containers, and more. Never again let another drop of something go to waste if you can help it!

The Dutch refer to this type of tool as a flessenlikker (literally, “bottle licker”) and it’s rather common to find in kitchens there — just an everyday utensil you’d always keep around, like a can opener or vegetable peeler. Feels like it should really be a thing everywhere, so I’m here to spread the word.

Get this handle little bottle scraper spatula for $7 on Amazon. If you’d rather have something that performs a similar task with the form factor of a more typical spatula, you can find those as well.