Evo Oil Sprayer Bottles (Sets of 2) for Air Frying and More

Buying an air fryer is a quick way to upgrade your home cooking game, and an easy way to start eating healthier, as you can replicate most of the results of deep fried food but with MUCH less oil.

Which brings me to the Evo oil spray bottle. With an air fryer, the idea is to add a light coating of oil across the entire surface of the food without overdoing it. You could try using a spoon or a dispenser bottle to lightly drizzle a bit of oil over the top of the food, but it’s all too easy to overpour in some places and underpour in others, or have oil not hit the food at all.

But by spritzing the oil on, you get a nicely dispersed, even coating that doesn’t drip or pool. Total game changer.

I recommend using it with a basic olive or avocado oil — or whatever else you like — but you can also get creative with oil infusions for specific recipes. Outside of air frying, it comes in handy for spraying skillets before cooking, spraying foods with balsamic vinegar/lime juice/cooking wine, topping your salad with vinaigrette, and more.

Get a set of two 8-ounce bottles for $25 on Amazon. You have a choice of blue, red, yellow, green, and purple sets.