Etekcity Remote Control Outlet Switch Kit

Sometimes it’d just be easier if you could hit a remote control button to turn off a lamp or speaker system or [insert other gadget/appliance here]. Maybe it’s laziness, or maybe the in-line switch is behind a dresser, or maybe you just hate when gadgets continually draw power even when they’re inactive. Whatever the reason, Etekcity’s remote-controlled outlet switch kit makes it possible.

Plug one of the five included switches into an outlet, plug an appliance into the switch, and boom, power to that device is now controllable via either of the two pre-programmed remotes (which you can reprogram and/or add more of if needed). There are some interesting use-cases for these things:

  • Hallway lights that kids can turn on from their room when they need to walk to the bathroom at night.
  • If you use your basement as an office, your significant other can get your attention by flashing your desk light from upstairs.
  • [Infomercial voice] Does your favorite old lamp have a broken power switch? Not anymore!
  • Turn on Christmas lights plugged in outside without having to walk outside.
  • People with limited mobility can regain control of their household appliances with ease.
  • etc.

The only issue with the switches is that they’re a little too large, so plugging secondary things into the same outlet can be difficult. One reviewer solved this by taking a hacksaw to the plastic bottom but if that’s too extreme you can just get a 5-pack of short extension cords and plug the switches into those. Also, don’t use the switches with devices that draw a lot of power, such as window A/C units. They’ll burn out that way.

A pack of five switches + two remotes (with included batteries) is $30 on Amazon. If you find yourself needing new batteries for the remotes down the line, replacement ones are of the 12V 23AE variety.