ESR Qi2 MagSafe 15W Car Mount Charger

The future of magnetic wireless charging is the Qi2 spec, and you can expect a wide swath of compatible chargers, smartphones, adapter cases, and more to hit the market over the next year or two.

Accessory company ESR [previously] has gotten on the ground floor early with their new car mount charger, bringing with it the benefits that all Qi2 (“chee two”) devices should share: faster charging speeds — 15 watts instead of merely 5 watts —that also happen to be more safe and efficient, thanks to the use of magnets that always align the charging coils perfectly and thus prevent energy loss in the form of battery-damaging heat.


Like most car mounts/chargers, this one comes with the option to be adhered to your dash or clipped onto an air vent. Either way, you’ll be able to switch your phone between portrait and landscape orientations anytime you like, where it will reliably stay put thanks to strong magnets that can theoretically hold up to 48 lbs of weight.

Get the ESR Qi2 car mount charger for $36 on Amazon.