Esbit Lightweight Camping Cook Set

Esbit’s lightweight camping cook set is a super compact stove stystem that’s perfect for backpackers and campers who prefer to travel extremely light. Made from hard anodized aluminum that weighs next to nothing in your pack, the set comes with a 585ml (~19.8 fl oz) pot, a lid, and a burner stand w/ wind deflector.

The two curved handles join to make a single extended grip when open, then fold flat around the body of the pot when you’re done. The stand also fits inside the pot when it’s time to pack up, making the whole setup extremely portable. As for your heat source, that comes from Esbit’s own smokeless and residue-free solid fuel cubes, which light easily with a match and burn for ~12 minutes (you should only need 8 to boil 500ml of water) and up to 1300°F.

Watch this (blessedly dialogue-free) video to see the stove in action:

This camping cook set is $25 on Amazon. You can also buy the stove + twenty-four 14g fuel tablets for $43.