“ErgonBand” Ergonomic Band for Apple Watch

Today we have a more unorthodox form of watch style than a mere reversal of crown placement. I’m talking about the ErgonBand for Apple Watch, which moves the smartwatch from its traditional place on your wrist to a more natural viewing angle near the base of your thumb.


This placement shift seems a bit strange at first, but once you try it you’ll quickly discover how much it minimizes wrist rotation, which is obviously a boon for anyone with wrist problems but also useful for runners and cyclists, people doing weight training, and drivers who don’t want to take their hand off the wheel nor shift their attention down to a clock display.

The band is handmade from a combination of high-quality real leathers that can come in a variety of colors:


As I write this on February 26th, 2024 you can use code PRESENT4U to get $55 off the usual $219–$229 price.