‘Epic Space Adventure: Europa Excursion’ by Andrew Rader [Kickstarter]

Author and aerospace engineer Andrew Rader has a Kickstarter going for a children’s sci-fi story called Epic Space Adventure: Europa Excursion, which is the third book in a series following the original Epic Space Adventure and its sequel, Mars Rover Rescue.

The series follows the space adventures of a team of anthropomorphic animals and their robot companion Sputnik, all the while presenting modern space science and astronomy in a way that’s easy for kids of all ages to understand. Each story features beautiful full-color illustrations by graphic artist Galen Frazer

In Europa Excursion, the team heads to one of Jupiter’s more interesting moons:

A distress call from Europa! Captain Chips and his crew are trapped under the ice. The team needs to grab their gear, head for Jupiter’s moon, and find a way to melt the ice to descend into Europa’s subsurface ocean. Searching the depths, who knows what amazing things they’ll discover?

As of December 2nd, 2018, the Kickstarter project has 6 days to go and has already met its funding goal (and then some). A pledge of $9 will earn you the ebook version once the project is funded, while a $14 pledge gets you the hardcover edition as well. They’ve got some other goodies at higher tiers, so go check those out too.