Enigma “Dapper” Slim Front-Pocket Bifold Wallet

With a design that’s clearly taking a shot at wallet brands like Dango — right down to the name, even — the lower-priced Enigma “Dapper” front-pocket bifold is ready to tackle your everyday payment needs head-on.

It’s got a sandblasted rounded aluminum frame wrapped in your choice of PU leather or genuine leather, and has enough capacity for 8–10 cards and 4–5 folded bills.

On the back side is a frequent-access pocket with a pull strap you use to pop up the cards/bills inside, then push them back down to restore the strap to its original position.


Meanwhile, the front exterior has a card slot that’s great for that payment or transit card you need to quickly get to more often than anything else.


All of this comes in a slim form factor that easily slips in and out of your pocket, and it even includes RFID protection to boot.

Get the Enigma Dapper wallet for $29 on Amazon in a variety of styles.