Embue — Smart Energy Management

Embue is a new Kickstarter project that aims to replace your thermostat, but not just with a single unit like Nest. Embue has sensors that can be placed in every room, giving it a much better overview of your home or office’s temperature and humidity. And like Nest, Embue can learn from your habits and make adjustments as needed for optimal comfort.

Embue’s key components:

  • Core — A router-like device that connects to your network and controls the entire Embue system.
  • Module — The actual thermostat-replacement portion of the Embue system. Installs directly at your furnace or air conditioning unit, wirelessly monitoring your electric meter or fuel tank to optimize energy usage.
  • Sensor — A small wall-mounted gadget that monitors the temperature and humidity of its surroundings. Place one in every room to help Embue make smarter decisions about temperature adjustments.

If you want to back this project on Kickstarter and get an Embue system out of the deal, the $275 “early bird” backer level gets you one Core, one Module, and two Sensors.