Ember Travel Mug 2+ (with “Apple Find My”)

In case it wasn’t enough to have a self-heating mug that keeps your drink at an app-controlled temperature, Ember has released the Travel Mug 2+, a smart tumbler that can be precisely located via the Apple Find My network in the event you accidentally leave it somewhere or it gets taken by someone. (See pairing instructions here.)


As you’d expect, the mug comes equipped with the temperature control technology that made the company so famous to begin with, allowing you to set an exact drinking temperature (120°F–145°F) and keep it there for up to 3 hours.

It also has built-in touch controls that are hidden until you touch the Ember logo to light them up:

  • One tap shows the current temperature of your drink (unless it’s empty, in which case it will say EMPTY or COLD).
  • Two taps brings up temperature control buttons (‘+’ to raise, ‘-’ to lower), which is nice if you don’t want to use the app every time.
  • Three taps shows the mug’s personalized name, which you set in the app.
  • Four taps shows the current battery level.


Get the Travel Mug 2+ for $193 on Amazon.