ElevationLab Magnetic & Waterproof “TagVault” AirTag Mount

ElevationLab’s TagVault lineup offers a variety of ways to securely mount and protect your Apple AirTags in all sorts of places. And with their new magnetic + waterproof case, you can discreetly affix an AirTag to the underside of your vehicle and track it down in the event of a theft.


This gasketed contact lens-style case is rated IP68 waterproof and makes use of an ultra strong, oversized neodymium magnet (with an electroless nickel-plated finish), so you can count on it to stay put and stay dry year-round.


The nice part is, you don’t only have to use it on a vehicle. Because it’s magnetic, you can attach your AirTag to just about any metal object, whether it’s that awesome old toolbox you inherited, or a tractor in the field, or the cargo trailer you have to park in front of your house, or whatever else.

Get one of these AirTag cases for $17 on Amazon. There are also two-packs for $28 and four-packs for $40.