ElevationLab DraftTable Kit for iPad Pro

A lot of iPad stands out there exist purely to prop up your device so you can watch stuff on it, not necessarily do any real creative work. They’re not made to keep the thing from tipping over or shaking around when you’re actively touching the screen a lot.

Enter the DraftTable Kit by ElevationLab. The main piece is a super sturdy, adjustable stand that’s made to fit the iPad Pro, but will also work with smaller iPads just fine. Their video overview really tells you all you need to know:

For those of you who can’t watch the video at work: The backside of this stand sports a series of spring-loaded, locking legs that allow you to set it up at any of four different viewing angles, or fold it flat for storage when you’re not using it:



Each angle is rock solid, and the high-friction skids at the bottom keep the whole thing from sliding around. Notably, the tallest leg has a locking hinge/spreader like you’d find on a ladder. The stand itself is made from thick laser-cut steel with a soft medical-grade silicone surface for your iPad to rest on.

This thing is great for artists, designers, and photographers who work all day in apps like Pixelmator, Procreate, and AstroPad. If you purchase the whole kit, you also get an “ArmRest” and a PencilStand, the latter of which is an Apple Pencil holder with a nanosuction pad on the bottom that keeps it from ever tipping over.


The DraftTable kit is $70 on Amazon. If you don’t need the PencilStand or ArmRest, you can get the DraftTable alone for $50.