Elago AW5 Game Boy-Inspired Case for AirPods

{Movie trailer voice} You’ve seen Elago’s Macintosh-inspired AirPods case. You’ve been delighted by their MINI car-esque case design. Now, prepare yourself for the sheer cuteness and nostalgia of their it’s-obviously-a-Game-Boy AirPods case (even if they avoid using that name in any of their marketing).

Made from flexible, impact-resistant silicone, the case can’t actually play games, but it sure does add some adorable retro flair to your AirPods while protecting it from drops and such. It fits on nice and snug, and you can still use it on wireless charging surfaces without issues.

The case comes in light grey ($13), black ($14), and sand pink ($14).

They also have an equivalent stand for Apple Watch and a similarly retro case for the Apple TV remote if you really wanna deck out your Apple accessories.