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Welcome to this week’s edition of our Friday Quality Linkage column. Please enjoy this week’s collection of interesting and entertaining links. Brew a fresh cup of coffee, find a comfortable place, and relax.

Editor’s Note: This is the last Linkage column before Christmas, so we’d like to wish all our readers a happy holiday this weekend. 2016 has been a rough one for everybody, so be sure to enjoy quality time with your loved ones all the more as we look forward to next year.

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The Best Mirrorless Cameras »

This week, Álvaro Serrano — who in addition to writing the Analog Senses blog also contributes a lot of great articles here at Tools & Toys — published an extensive list of the current best mirrorless cameras for a variety of needs. Categories include travel, action/sports, landscapes, wildlife, portraiture, and more.

As our own reviews editor Josh Ginter put it, this is “Basically the Camera Guide To Rule Them All.”

Domino-Style Tricks with Magnets and Marbles »

This is one of those videos that gets increasingly clever the longer it goes on. Some of the tricks really threw my brain for a loop.

Tricked Into Playing the Wrong Game »

Seth Godin, after listing a few examples of people (or archetypes, more like) who compromised their values:

Bigger isn’t better. It’s merely bigger. And the mass market might want what the mass market wants, but that doesn’t mean that it’s your market.

Hayao Miyazaki: The Essence of Humanity »

In this 17-minute video essay, filmmaker Lewis Michael Bond analyzes Hayao Miyazaki’s approach not only to animation, but also the emotional depth of his characters, even down to their smallest mannerisms.

If you’re a huge fan of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, there’s probably nothing you don’t already know or haven’t thought about here, but it’s a wonderful analysis regardless.


Twenty Thousand Hertz Podcast »

Like many 99% Invisible listeners, I was recently turned onto the Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast, which tells “the stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds.” I’ve only listened to two episodes so far, but I’m already a fan:

  1. “The NBC Chimes”
  2. “The Voice of Siri”

How to Start Listening to Hamilton »

If you still haven’t given the Hamilton musical a shot by now (see what I did there?), Merlin Mann has some good tips for diving in:

Proviso: This show is long and weird and overhyped and it is not for everyone. If you’re not already a fan, you’re certainly sick of hearing about it. Sorry. But if you maybe are interested, hey, here’s a sane and scalable (if unorthodox and opinionated) way to decide if Hamilton is right for you.

When I decided to finally listen to Hamilton (which was long after it’d already taken the world by storm), my method was to lay on my bed one night and just listen all the way through; no iPhone in hand, nothing else to distract me, just me and the music. I rarely listen to anything like that anymore, but I imagined I could surely absorb it all in one sitting.

Boy, was I wrong.

I got the gist of the story, sure, but there were so many small (yet genius) things happening in the lyrics and between characters that a lot of it flew by without me even noticing until I listened again, and again, and again, and watched videos of the cast performing it live, and listened again, and read about how the show was made, then listened some more…you get the picture.

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