EcoNour 2-in-1 Bamboo Steering Wheel Tray

My 3yo daughter is at that stage where she almost never takes a nap anymore (even if she really needs it), but once you put her in the carseat and head out to run some errands, you can bet your life that you’ll get where you’re going and discover she’s conked out back there.

The result a lot of the time? Me sitting in the car and eating food or doing work until she wakes up 😩

So even though it’s somewhat of a ridiculous purchase, I’m here to tell you about this bamboo steering wheel desk/tray, which hooks over the bottom of your steering wheel β€” or the top of it, if the wheel has to be turned upside down for it to fit right β€” and gives you a place to set your lunch, your laptop/iPad, your notebook, a book you’re reading, or whatever.

The β€œ2-in-1” in the name refers to how one side of the tray has recessions for holding food and drink, while the other side is mostly flat but does have a slot for holding writing utensils, a tablet or phone, etc.


Again, I know, it’s kind of silly. But man, if you end up spending a lot of time in your car for any reason, you can’t beat the convenience this thing offers.

Get the tray for $25 on Amazon.