Eagle Creek’s “Pack-It Wallaby” Toiletry Kit

Eagle Creek, makers of our favorite travel packing cubes, also make a nifty toiletry bag called the Pack-It Wallaby. The Wallaby offers two main advantages over your standard Dopp kit:

  1. It’s way roomier. A simple Dopp kit is the sort of thing that works nicely for short trips or single people who carry relatively few travel toiletries. For extended trips and/or families with a variety of needs, the Wallaby is a lifesaver.

  2. It’s more organized. Dopp kits are generally unstructured, so you simply toss your stuff into the bag all willy-nilly. The Wallaby, on the other hand, fully unzips to offer three main sections of storage, each with its own uses.

    The top section sports a large zippered mesh pocket and a shatter-proof compact mirror. The middle panel has three organizer pouches plus a zippered pouch in back. The bottom section is a detachable, spill-proof, see-through pouch that can easily be removed at the airport if needed.

The Wallaby's full interior.

The Wallaby’s full interior.

Other little touches put the Wallaby over the top in terms of utility. Its large, built-in hook lets you hang the whole bag, open, on a towel rack or shower curtain rod. The hook is tipped with a little rubber piece that helps keep the hook from ever falling off, and a little loop on the bag’s exterior keeps the hook stowed while traveling and prevents it from getting caught on your other luggage.

What the Wallaby lacks in style compared to many Dopp kits, it more than makes up for in sheer convenience. Get it for $36 on Amazon.