Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes

Over the years, I’ve discovered that one of the best ways for me to have a better time while traveling is by keeping all my stuff neatly organized. The peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly where everything is in my suitcase—along with the Zen-like feeling I get from the packing process itself—always leads to a better outlook on the trip.

Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Cubes are perfect for people like me. They help break down the contents of a suitcase into their respective categories, making the packing process way easier and keeping everything from getting mixed up. They’re washable, they’re water- and odor-resistant, and the mesh top allows you to see the inner contents so you don’t have to guess.

Eagle Creek put together a short video so you can see how these packing cubes work. A set of three (large, medium, and small) will run you about $27.