DSPTCH Wrist Strap

I gave DSPTCH wrist straps a brief mention in a previous post, but I think they deserve some individual attention of their own. Where the Killspencer strap sports a more solid-feeling design and is meant to be worn around the neck, the DSPTCH strap is a bit more flexible since it’s worn on the wrist, something that is likely to move around a lot during a shoot.

It’s made of military-grade parachute cord (the kind that is both soft and durable) that’s been elaborately knotted together and pulls tight with the camera’s weight, resulting in a comfortable and secure hold. It also has an interchangeable connector that allows you to easily swap out the wrist strap for one of DSPTCH’s standard slings if needed.

Each DSPTCH wrist strap is $32, and there are a variety of colors to choose from.