“Drop Stop” Car Seat Gap Filler

Man, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stupidly dropped something in the car and it fell right into the little gap between the seat and the center console. Doesn’t matter if it’s a french fry, my iPhone, my keys, a pen, a parking garage ticket stub, some money… it somehow always finds its way into that “no man’s land.” Good luck ever digging it back out, right?

Some people solve this problem by rolling up a towel and stuffing it into the seat gap to plug it up, but it’s not very elegant (read: it sticks out like a sore thumb) and in some vehicles can get in the way of seat belt buckles.

That’s where the Drop Stop car seat gap filler comes in. This seemingly silly yet clever little invention (as seen on Shark Tank) is essentially some dense foam wrapped in black neoprene, with a slot for slipping over the seat belt catch. Just as you’d think, it wedges between the seat and console, forming an anchored barrier that keeps stuff from being fumbled into the abyss.

Their cheesy ad pretty much shows you all you need to know:

From a marketing perspective, it’s pretty clever of them to pitch the safety aspect of the thing — meaning, with the Drop Stop in place, you’re not as likely to take your attention off the road to dig around for objects dropped while driving.

Get a pack of two Drop Stops (plus a couple bonus items) for $25 on Amazon.