“Drippy Pots” Ceramics by Brian Giniewski

Brian Giniewski is one of those Instagram-famous ceramic artists who for the past four years has been making a line of colorful and whimsical “drippy” ceramic pots, bowls, and mugs that look like they’re covered in cartoonish icing:


Seriously, some of these things have a real Winnie the Pooh thing going on:


All of the glazes he uses are made in-house with his own recipes that he’s been perfecting for years. The colors have a bright, clean look with a smooth “gooeyness” that contrasts nicely with the exposed clay underneath. You simply can’t go wrong gifting someone one of these to someone, they’d have to be crazy not to love such an item.

They sure do make great latte cups, that’s for sure:

Photo by u/Lower_Than_a_Kite (Reddit)

Photo by u/Lower_Than_a_Kite (Reddit)

Giniewski’s pieces tend to run anywhere between $25–$60 a pop, with a lot of my personal favorites coming in around $50. He recommends washing by hand and avoiding the microwave.