Dorothy’s Music History Blueprints

UK-based design studio Dorothy — who makes the lovely “Book Map” we’ve pointed out a few times around here — have also designed a trio of music history blueprints that painstakingly map out the respective histories and evolutions of hip-hop, alternative, and electronic music throughout the decades.

They are:

  • “Hip-Hop Love” — A history of hip-hop mapped out to the circuit diagram of a classic turntable.
  • “Alternative Love” — A history of alternative and independent music mapped out to the circuit board of an early transistor radio.
  • “Electric Love” — A history of electronic music mapped out to the circuit board of a theremin, one of the world’s first electronic musical instruments.

These super cool, creative prints are typically £35 (~$47 USD) a pop, but you can save a bit by getting all three for £90 (~$121 USD).