DJI “Power 1000” and “Power 500” Portable Power Stations

It seems that designing portable power stations is the thing every tech company wants to be doing these days. Even DJI, which is primarily known for their drones and video production equipment, is getting in on the action with their new Power 1000 and Power 500 power stations.

At this point I feel like explaining to our readers what makes a power station useful is like explaining what a vacuum cleaner does — you guys have heard it all before, right? — so I’ll skip straight to the stats:

  • The Power 1000 ($999) has a maximum power output of 2,200W and a battery capacity of 1,024Wh. Ports include two 140W USB-C, two 24W USB-A, two AC outlets, and two of DJI’s proprietary “SDC” (Smart DC) ports that offer an array of functions, including fast-charging drone batteries. dji-power-1000-and-power-500-portable-power-stations-ports-1
  • Meanwhile, the lighter and more compact Power 500 ($499) has a maximum power output of 1,000W and a battery capacity of 512Wh. Ports include two bidirectional 100W USB-C, two 24W USB-A, two AC outlets, and a single proprietary SDC port. dji-power-1000-and-power-500-portable-power-station-ports-2

Both models’ LFP cell batteries support fast recharging and have the capability to be fully charged in just 70 minutes via grid power. I know battery capacity numbers like the ones listed above can be a bit inscrutable at times, so this example device chart put together by DJI should be helpful:


Compare the DJI Power Series models on Amazon and get ready to take your outdoor adventures and content creation to the next level. 🤙⚡️🔋