Disney + Bandai Toy Story “Chogokin” Mecha Toys

This post is brought to you by nine-year-old me, who is absolutely beside himself with excitement at this discovery: Did you know that a few years ago, Disney and Bandai teamed up to create a pair of Toy Story-themed toy sets whose components combine into giant mechas, à la Voltron or Power Rangers Megazords?

Oh yeah, you read that right. Get a load of the Woody / “Robo Sheriff Star” set ($140) and and the Buzz Lightyear / “Space Ranger Robo” set ($134), each of which forms its own giant robot toy:



The promo videos for these are exactly what you’d hope:

But it gets even better: If you own both mechas, you can combine the two of them into an even bigger robot, the awesomely named “Super Combination Gangreat King”:


I mean, COME ON. Couldn’t you just squeal right now? I know I am.

And as if that weren’t enough, you can round out your Disney mecha collection with the “Mickey & Friends” model ($228) that involves Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, and more:


Somebody needs to hide my wallet, and quick.