Design Different “Zombie Safe Zone” Maps

Look, I’m not going to say I think a zombie plague is a thing that will ever happen, but if it did, wouldn’t you want to be prepared? You’d at least want to know places to find fresh water, fish, and usable wood, right? Because it’s not like Google Maps is going to keep working when civilization falls apart.

These “Zombie Safe Zone” maps by the Toronto-based Design Different studio are just the thing. They’ve got a whole collection of maps of different places in the world, each one marked with the best places to be in order to weather a zombie apocalypse — safe zones that are very isolated yet abundant with natural resources you can live off of.

Map locations include countries like the US, Canada, and Europe, with a whole bunch of other maps for individual states/countries/provinces within those nations. You can also customize your own map.


The prints start from $20–$22 and go up from there based on size. Each one is printed on heavy weight 240gsm archival matte paper with a slim ¼” white border for framing purposes.