The ‘Dense Discovery’ Newsletter by Kai Brach

A couple months ago, Kai Brach of Offscreen Magazine once again rebranded his email newsletter, which has always been comprised of weekly dispatches full of interesting products, apps, and things to read. It launched as The Modern Desk in January 2015, became Offscreen Dispatch in February 2017 (as an offshoot of the magazine itself), and now, it’s known as Dense Discovery.

I’ve been subscribed to them all since the very beginning, and I can attest that Kai’s only gotten better at this whole thing over time. Each iteration of his dispatches has gotten more interesting and fun to read than the last, and if you already love what we do here at Tools & Toys, I know you’ll enjoy reading his newsletter as well. There’s always an interesting mix of stuff to check out, from thought-provoking quotes to awesome artwork, as well as the other types of recommendations I mentioned earlier.

In the final issue of Offscreen Dispatch, Kai explained this third rebranding:

Why is this happening?
As a sub-section on the Offscreen website, the Dispatch never received the attention we think it deserves. We also want to broaden the topics covered in the newsletter beyond Offscreen’s scope. Giving it its own brand/home makes experimenting easier.

And in the first issue of Dense Discovery, he spelled it out further:

Dense Discovery is meant to be more than just a newsletter: consider it a carefully edited digital publication, delivered straight to your inbox every Tuesday. My goal is to continue to provide you with a hand-picked selection of apps, accessories, and thought-provoking stuff to read, watch, and listen, but also to mix in other compelling, inspirational, and fun material. I’m excited to try out a few ideas over time and hope I can count on your continuous support!

Want a taste of what to expect from DD? You can always view the most recent issue at this link. When you’re ready to subscribe, just visit the webpage and put in your email.