The Definitive OS X Yosemite Review

John Siracusa’s OS X reviews are legendary at this point. With each new version of OS X, he does a deep dive into all the changes and upgrades. Before sitting down to use the final version of any major OS X update, I always block off a few hours to thoroughly read his lengthy review. OS X updates generally contain a lot of things that aren’t always noticeable at first glance, so reading John’s review helps me to understand exactly what has changed.

While the review is published for free on Ars Technica (see last year’s Mavericks review), I prefer to purchase it to read on my iPad and to support John’s work. Yosemite is a huge update to OS X, and it’s rumored to ship this week. His review is now available for pre-order on Kindle and iBooks for only $4.99.