Decadent Minimalist One — Aluminum Wallet

The Decadent Minimalist One (DM1)—designed by Erik Moon and currently seeking Kickstarter funding—is a striking wallet machined from a single billet of aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminum. There are no screws, no rivets, no straps, no elastic, no velcro, no rubber bands, no moving parts at all—just metal.

It securely holds up to 8 cards (each of which satisfyingly clicks into place), and despite its metal construction it feels almost feather-light in the hand (just 23 grams). The open-faced front and back are ideal for photo IDs and the like, and since the DM1 doesn’t block RFID, you can use things like building access cards without having to take anything out of the wallet.

There are four anodized finishes to choose from: black, clear, gold, and one called “hard” that resembles high-end cookware. They can all be custom-engraved with your name and contact info in case something were to happen to your DM1.

With nearly two months left to go, the DM1 Kickstarter campaign has already doubled its funding goal. If you want to get in on the rewards, pledge levels start at $45 and go up from there.