DDC “Thick Lines” Poster Series

When putting together yesterday’s guide to sweet playing card decks, I felt bummed that one of my favorites on the list, the DDC “Thick Lines” set, is currently sold out. While our readers wait for Draplin Design Co. to stock back up, I figured I would point out a similar line of DDC products worth checking out: the “Thick Lines” poster set.

As with most things DDC, it’s best to let Aaron Draplin himself tell the story:

Everything is so complex. Posters are more and more intricate and intense. I just wanted to try something really, really simple. You know, in the spirit of the old the old stretched fabric wall art stuff from the ’70s! […]

And when we see those old stretched fabric deals in some ‘Overpriced Modern Furniture’ shop, the prices are way out of my league, and we’re betting, most folks. Not down with that. So who gets to enjoy them? Some yahoo tricking out his bull**** loft? Not fair. A big part of this is to offer up simple shape and color combos at an affordable price. For the people! Color for the people!

All 6 of these 18″ x 24″ prints run in editions of 150, and go for $35 each (includes US shipping) at Draplin Design Co. Or, you can buy the whole set for $180 and really trick out your home or workspace.