dbrand “Grip” Cases + Customizable Skins for the iPhone 14 Series

Your shiny new iPhone 14 — whether it’s the base model, Plus, Pro, or Pro Max — deserves to not fall out of your clumsy little fingers every time you pick it up. Yeah, I’m talking to you. {*Pointing at mirror like the Spider-Man meme*}

dbrand’s Grip Case promises to be the “world’s grippiest phone case,” and they’ve covered it with microscopic dots to create a fine sandpaper-like texture so you practically can’t drop the thing. That’s just truth in advertising, right there.


Even if you do manage to drop it, the case offers military-grade impact protection, so you’re covered there too.

One of the best things about these cases is that they come with a custom skin of your choosing, and there are lot of awesome ones to choose from:


Watch their instruction video on putting the case on and applying the skin:

Putting the sweetness of this case aside, I’m just a fan of dbrand’s marketing style:


Unlike you.

At just 2mm thin, the Grip Case is roughly twenty times thicker than a human hair. It’s also one three-thousandth as thick as a Giraffe is tall. Much like the mighty giraffe, the Grip Case subsists on a diet made up almost entirely of your smartphone.

Get the Grip Case for $45–$55 at dbrand.com depending on which skin design you pair it with.