Day One In Depth eBook

Day One In Depth is a brand new book from The Sweet Setup team.

This is the most detailed and extensive guide to Day One available today. Featuring in-depth reviews that cover every function and feature found within Day One, our handbook goes line-by-line showing you how to make the most of this award-winning journaling app.

day one in depth

Day One is the best journaling app for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

It is beautifully designed, easy to use, and fun to use. It’s one of the most versatile and well-designed apps available, with a usefulness that applies to people of all professions, ages, and interests.

But Day One has a problem…

Though it’s full of possibilities, people don’t know where to start. Day One’s greatest strength can also be its greatest weakness. It’s this giant blank canvas, which is awesome, but can also be intimidating and confusing. And that’s what we’re here to help with.

We at The Sweet Setup have all been using Day One since it first appeared on the Mac App Store back in 2011. And, like you, we too have used it to write about many of the most memorable events of our lives.

For me (Shawn Blanc), those moments include the births of my two boys, quitting my job of 10 years to venture out on my own, snowboarding in Colorado with my best friends, my oldest son’s first words, and more (not all in that order). I also use Day One to track and manage the business challenges I face, as well as the practical ups and downs of my life as a work-from-home, self-employed dad.

And I use it for miniature reviews of books I read, movies I watch, coffees and other drinks I enjoy, and more.

If you’d like to get more out of Day One, this handbook is for you.

What’s In The Book?

Day One In Depth is nearly 45,000 words long. We go line by line for every feature, setting, preference, and option found in Day One.

We also give ideas, tips, and tutorials for how best to use Day One to suit your own needs — from a morning writing time to a photographic travel log, Day One can do it all and we show you how.

  • In-depth reviews and how-to guides for Day One on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad — covering everything you need to know about how to use it, how it works, and what features it offers that you can take advantage of.
  • The advantages of a digital journal and why Day One is the absolute best option out there.
  • Tips, tricks, and tutorials for pushing Day One far beyond the basics of just a journal. Use it to increase your productivity and creativity, for going paperless, for photography, travel, business, and more.
  • Best habits and practices for journaling.
  • How to automate certain types of journal entries.
  • Using Day One as an alternative to social networks (both for publishing and for checking).
  • Our own 30-day challenge that covers the range of benefits, suggested uses, and features of Day One that we outline in our book. It will not only help you get into the journaling habit, it will also help you learn the ins and outs of Day One through practical, hands-on experience (which is a far better way to learn than just reading alone).