‘Dawn of Titans’ for iOS

So, the other day I got bored and started browsing through iOS App Store for new games to check out. I came across the “Games that blow our minds” section, where I saw this strategy game called Dawn of Titans that looked pretty cool, so I downloaded it and started playing.

I’ve since put a few hours into the game, and while I wouldn’t say that ~my mind is blown\~, I can say that it’s a fun way to kill some extra time and it does run impressively smoothly.

Just by looking at the screenshots β€” or watching the (slightly NSFW) launch trailer β€” you can imagine what the gameplay is like. You harvest resources, build up your kingdom, upgrade your infantry units to battle against other players (online) or the CPU (story mode), and throw a wide-area magic spell once in a while. The combat is reminiscent of the Total War series, with hordes of on-screen units that can be commanded in groups.

The kicker here is that you also have control over Titans, which are colossal warriors that join your troops in battle. These guys are the game’s real selling point, and they’re a blast to use. They also tend to turn the tide in most battles.

As you play the game you can unlock more Titans, each with their own special abilities and strengths/weaknesses. Once you’ve reached a certain number of “Victory Points”, you unlock the ability to join (or create) an alliance, then start competing against other players/alliances around the world.

Overall, this game is a lot of fun and you can accomplish quite a bit (at least in my experience so far) without having to spend a dime. (Upgrading and building things does require some patience at higher levels, unless you want to spend money on gems to rush everything.) I recommend playing on iPad if you’ve got one, but it is compatible with iPhone.

Dawn of Titans is free to download on the iOS App Store.