“Davida” Typeface by Louis Minott

The colorful image above is something I threw together myself. Didn’t really adhere to any color theory or anything, I just had fun with it. Sorry if it hurts anyone’s eyes!

Designed back in 1965, Louis Minott’s Davida is a highly decorative all-capitals typeface that evokes a 19th-century, possibly Victorian-era style. It’s the sort of thing you’d use when you want your product to give off an unabashedly retro-European vibe — like, say, this coffee and beignet packaging for the famous Café Du Monde in New Orleans (which, if you go in there in person, I can attest is worth waiting in the long line for to get those fresh beignets 🤤).


I also love how Davida is presented on FontShop:



Whether you’re buying from MyFonts or FontShop, Davida is sold by a handful of different publishers, each of which offers their own sets of styles and packages.