David Foster Wallace on Leadership — Print

This Friday—February 21, 2014—would have been the 52nd birthday of one of my favorite essayists, David Foster Wallace. To celebrate the occasion, designer Debbie Millman teamed up with Brain Pickings to capture a passage he wrote about leadership, both in print form and as an audio reading recorded by Millman herself.

Millman originally created the print as a handcrafted felt-on-felt piece for the upcoming HOW Design Live Conference, but she has also made the artwork available as a high-quality print ($20-$49, depending on which size you choose), with all proceeds going to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

The print contains an abridged version of Wallace’s quote, but you can read a transcript of the full passage and also listen to the audio reading here. It’s a perfect thing to hang up in your home or office, where it can inspire you while you work.

(If you enjoy this particular quote, consider buying the book it was a part of: Consider the Lobster and Other Essays.)