DataMan Next

I’ve been testing out DataMan Next for the past few days, and I’m pretty impressed with how it works. It’s tracking cellular usage on your iPhone without the use of proxy connections to determine how close you are to your data quota.

Setting it up is extremely easy. You enter what type of plan you have (monthly, 30-day weekly, etc), how much your quota is, and what day your plan starts on. The app runs in the background and will let you know when you are getting close to your monthly allotment. You do have to leave it running in the multi-tasking background in order for it to track your usage.

It also just added Apple Watch support as well. To me, this is a perfect example of the type of app I want on my Apple Watch. It’s not an app that I will use daily, but rather information I will probably look at four or five times a month.

Get DataMan Next on the App Store for $1.99.