Dartstrip — Magnetic Display System

Dartstrip is a Kickstarter project that aims to make the process of hanging art, photos and posters super easy. It’s an 8ft-long strip of white steel, scored in one-inch increments and backed with a non-residue adhesive, all stored in a tin that would fit right in at the tuna aisle.

The strip is dispensed from the side of the can like scotch tape, and can be snapped off at any point where the steel has been scored, sort of like a graham cracker. Peel the back off, stick the Dartstrip section to a wall, and use magnets to hang your stuff. Sixteen magnets are supplied with the Dartstrip and cleverly contained on the flat side of the can, but obviously you can use any magnets you want.

$25 pledged to the Kickstarter will land you a single Dartstrip tin, and the rewards go up from there. Deadline is November 26, 2013.