CW&T “Herring Blade” Utility Knife [Kickstarter]

The clever couple who run the CW&T product design studio are back with yet another neat thing for you to back on Kickstarter: the Herring Blade, a stylishly minimal EDC utility knife that’s everything your old box cutter wishes it was.

Engineered for single-handed operation and with no moving parts to break, the Herring Blade is super low-profile — only about as thick as four credit cards — so it’s easy to carry in your pocket everywhere you go, but it gets even cooler. They’ve designed an auto-locking magnetic mechanism that, in combination with their custom notched blades, keeps the blade securely locked into whatever position you like.

Not to worry — you’re not forced to keep buying their proprietary blades once you’ve used up your supply. The Herring Blade also works just fine with standard 18mm snap-off blades, and although they won’t make full use of the locking mechanism, they’ll still stay in place pretty well.

As of August 13th, 2020 the project has already met its funding goal more than 5x over and still has 34 days to go. Back the project at the $65 level to get a black anodized aluminum blade + 10 refills when they start shipping in November. You may also opt for the $90 level that earns you a matte bead-blasted titanium version.

In either case, they will send out a survey once the project officially succeeds to let you select whether you want the righty or lefty style, which I think is an awesome touch.