CW&T “Key Wrangler” Key Holder + Organizer

In case you missed it a few years ago on Kickstarter, CW&T’s Key Wrangler is an all-metal carabiner with a secure but easily twistable knurled post to keep your keys in a tidy row, and a snappy spring gate so you can clip the whole shebang onto whatever else you want. Never again will you have to break a fingernail trying to keep one of those annoying split keyrings open.

It holds up to 17 standard flat keys, or several odd-shaped ones (like your car keys), in whatever order works best for you. There are also some nifty details throughout:

  • The nylon pad to keep the key post closed.
  • The key post’s flathead screw, which is handy for when you accidentally tighten it too much, or if you want it to be cranked extra tight.
  • The carabiner loop’s ability to open bottles (although I really only suggest doing this with the titanium model), along with its overall ergonomic finger hold.
  • The way it lets keys hang naturally, unlike some keyrings that are too thick where the layers meet up. (I had a keyring like this, drove me NUTS.)


The Key Wrangler is machined out of your choice of titanium, copper, or brass, with either silver or black hardware. Get yours for $80–$90 at CW&T, depending on which one you pick.