“Curly Dog Roasters” Curly Hot Dog and Marshmallow Roasting Sticks [Etsy]

Speaking of old grilling favorites, another thing I wrote about even earlier in 2013 — just after I’d started working for T&T, actually — was the Curly Dog Roasters Etsy shop started by Harley and Julie Babcock, where they sell “curly” hot dog forks and more.

Sometime after I published that post, their shop fell off the face of the earth, and it seemed no matter how many times I checked back over the next few years, they were still simply gone, so I stopped trying. (This sort of thing happens to me a lot. Maybe I should stop continually obsessing over cool things I find online? …Naaaah.)

Anyway, I was idly browsing through my favorite Etsy shops the other day, and as luck would have it, I discovered that the shop is back! Apparently they went back into business in October 2017, so I’ve been in the dark on this one for ~3.5 years.

The full text of my original post still applies to the product listing today, so I’ll just quote it here:

Lost more hot dogs and marshmallows to fires than you care to think about? Well, thanks to these curly roasting sticks, those kinds of tragedies can be a distant memory. Made of high-quality, hand-twisted steel, these handy tools will keep your food safe (thanks in part to the sharp end-point being twisted back in towards the dog) so you can focus on enjoying the outdoors instead of pulling your dinner out of the campfire.

And here’s how the shop itself describes them:

This is the original version of our “curly” campfire fork. They are made of high-quality 304 Stainless Steel. They measure approximately 34 inches in length, including an 11 inch long by 1 inch diameter hardwood handle and a full-grain leather strap.

The design is innovative and uniquely ours. We twist and shape the steel ourselves. The coiled end will hold a regular hot dog or a standard bratwurst. This is a hand-made product that looks fun and prevents food from falling into the fire. Our design was inspired by a desire to offer greater protection to you and your food so you can enjoy a safe and memorable cookout.

We put these roasters to the test, and we think they are just the thing to make your roasting experience rock.


I’m oddly happy to see these guys back in business. You can get your own set of two curly hot dog roasters or marshmallow roasters for $28 per, plus shipping.