“CrunchCup” Portable Plastic Cereal Cup

For better or worse, I’ve loved eating cereal my whole life. I’ve gone through countless boxes of the stuff, and I’ll probably continue eating it until I perish from this mortal coil.

Now what I have to say is this: WHERE HAS THE CRUNCHCUP BEEN ALL MY LIFE? And why didn’t anyone tell me about it sooner???

The concept is unbelievably simple. You fill the outer cup with milk, then the inner cup with your cereal of choice, put the lid on, and now you can just pour the cereal and milk right into your mouth together — no spoon necessary, and no sogginess since they’re in separate containers.

You’re telling me I can now eat cereal in the car, or wherever else, anytime I want? Folks, I want this yesterday. This was designed for me, I’m the target market.

You can get one of your own for $29 on Amazon.