CRKT Pocket Driver Stash Tool

In my years of living and traveling in an RV, the tool in my kit that easily sees the most use is a teensy little screwdriver that lives in our top kitchen drawer. That thing is always being brought out to tighten up one thing or another, or when we’re adding/replacing things around the home, like putting in a new bathroom vent fan or mounting components for our new solar panel setup.

I really should just keep the CRKT Pocket Driver on me at all times, given how often I’d end up using it. It comes with four bits — Phillips #1, flathead, T6, and T8 — that store within the anodized aluminum body under a threaded cap.

It also includes a removable attachment that has both a keyring and a pocket clip on it, so you have multiple ways to wear or carry it.

Get the Pocket Driver for $29 on Amazon.