Crane Suzu Lever-Strike Bicycle Bell

Photo: A New Recyclist

Crane’s Suzu lever-strike bicycle bell isn’t like that terrible, cheapy bell you had on your bike as a kid. Instead of an annoying brrring-brrring noise, this Japanese-made brass bell produces a bright, clear tone that lingers for a surprising amount of time, in a pleasant way. It’s definitely an attention-getter (though a relatively polite one) when you’re trying to notify pedestrians that you’re coming up on them.

Get it for $11 on Amazon. It also comes in copper and aluminum alloy, which have their own distinct sounds.

Note: The bell is not clear-coated, so it will tarnish pretty quickly unless you apply a little brass polish from time to time. You’ll have to decide if you prefer the “antique” look over doing occasional maintenance.