Couchmaster CYCON² Couch Gaming Lap Desk

Look, just because you prefer to game with a mouse and keyboard doesn’t mean you should have to give up on playing from the comfort of your couch or bed. For true gaming bliss, check out the Couchmaster CYCON² lap desk by NerdyTec, which gives those things a comfy and convenient place to rest while you happily game away.


It consists of three main pieces: two covered memory foam cushions that sit on either side of you, and a solid lap board (made from fully recycled plastic) that lays across the top of those. The board has six USB 3.0 ports hidden in compartments underneath, to which you can run cables for all your gaming accessories (keyboard/mouse/gamepad/joystick/headset), phone charging cable, etc.

You can see how it all comes together in their setup video:

Once it’s all put together and your cabling is managed, simply plug the board into your PC using the specially made power cable and you’re ready to play in full, relaxed comfort.


So much better than being hunched over a desk, wouldn’t you say?

Get the Couchmaster CYCON² for $189 on Amazon.