Cotton Craft Oversized Cloth Dinner Napkins

Single-use paper towels are another of those wasteful household “staples” I’d like to remove from my life. Cloth dinner napkins like these are a more eco-friendly (and budget-friendly, in the long run) option. They can keep a lot more waste out of our landfills since you simply wash and reuse them alongside the rest of your laundry, rather than throwing them away after every meal.

Cotton Craft’s “flax”-colored cloth napkins in particular are perfect for everyday use. They’re very soft and absorbent, they’re easy to take care of, they’re 100% cotton (88% regular cotton, 12% linen cotton) so there’s no uncomfortable cheap-o polyester to deal with, and at 20″ x 20″ they’re 38% larger than standard-sized 17″ cloth napkins.

You might think the lacy hem would make these suitable for hosting, but I’d say they’re more like “beater” napkins you use when no one’s coming over. If you want something more presentable for special occasions, you’ll probably want something higher-end.

A 12-pack is $20 on Amazon.