Coquette Typeface 2.0

Yesterday, typographer Mark Simonson — the guy who designed Proxima Nova — announced the 2.0 update to another of his typefaces, Coquette.

The original version, released in 2001, had just three weights: Light, Regular, and Bold. This update adds another three: Thin, Extrabold, and Black. It also includes some useful new features:

  • A complete set of f-ligatures — In addition to the original fi and fl, Coquette now includes fb, ff, ffi, ffj, fj, fh, and fk.
  • New OpenType features such as arbitrary fractions, superscript figures, and optional alternatives to some characters (“blobless” b and o, a lowercase s, and a smaller &).



This has always been a gorgeous font ,and now it’s better than ever. The Coquette page has links to all the online font stores where you can buy/license the typeface, including desktop and web versions.