Connected Data Transporter

The T&T gang are all fans of Dropbox, but it can be expensive if you need a lot of space, and with PRISM and all sorts of other craziness, in the world, many nerds are looking to something with Dropbox-like features that they can run themselves.

Enter Connected Data’s Transporter. For $199, you get a 2.5-inch hard drive case that looks like a normal NAS rig. However, the Transporter has a brain to go along with that network connection, and can make your data available from anywhere in the world, over private connections with encrypted transfer. There’s no monthly fee, but you get Dropbox-like features, including sharing, automatic file syncing and more.

If putting your own drive in isn’t your style, you can pick up a 1 TB model for $299 or a 2 TB model for $399 over on Amazon. Be sure to visit Connected Data’s website for more information, and some photos of the hardware itself.