Command-C — Clipboard Sharing App for OS X and iOS

Thanks to a review by Federico Viticci, I got to hear about an awesome app for Mac and iOS called Command-C. It allows you to push the contents of your clipboard between devices over a local network. Thanks to the backgrounding features of iOS 7, you can share between an iPhone and iPad without even having to open the app on the receiving device (which is wizardry, if you ask me).

Copy something on one device (like a bit of text, a link, or an image), go into Command-C and choose the device you want to send your clipboard to, and the contents will instantly be made available to paste on that other device. Pretty neat. There’s also a lot of other nerdy stuff that you can do with the app, some of which is covered in Federico’s review so be sure to go read it.

Command-C is $4 on the iOS App Store and is available as a free menu bar utility for the Mac.